Entering the Awards

Q. What are the #Femvertising Awards?

The #Femvertising Awards, created by SHE Media, honor companies that are challenging gender stereotypes by building awareness-generating, pro-female messages and images into ads that target women. 

Q. How does #Femvertising align with SHE Media’s values?

SHE Media is committed to its mission of women inspiring women. Throughout our award-winning lifestyle content and leading influencer community, we encourage our 70 million monthly visitors to discover, create and share the messy, beautiful, real, and joyful moments that comprise their lives. #Femvertising is endemic to our company as we support brands and agencies that seek to inspire and empower women versus shame them through pro-female advertising. 

Q. Who should enter?

Brands and agencies of all sizes and across all industries around the world who are creating ad campaigns that champion this generation of women and the next are encouraged to submit their work.

Q. How much does it cost to enter? Can I enter multiple times?

It is free to enter the #Femvertising Awards, and brands and agencies can submit as many entries as they choose. 

Q. Are there award categories?

There are no specific categories for this year’s #Femvertising Awards – nor are there any requirements around campaign flight dates – but the judges are looking for the following in submissions:

•    Long-standing pro-female ad campaigns that continue to pave the way for other brands 

•    Recent breakthrough campaigns that have made waves by pushing gender-norm boundaries and portraying women in an authentic and empowering light 

•    Advertising that is changing perceptions of what’s possible for the next generation of women 

•    Cause-related campaigns that are not tied to a product or service, but focus on raising awareness for issues that impact women and girls

Q. How do I know my entry was received?

Entries for the #Femvertising Awards are submitted online. Once you submit your ad campaign(s) for consideration, you’ll receive an email confirming receipt. If you have further questions, you can email Femvertising@SheKnows.com.

Q. How time consuming is the entry process?

The process to enter the #Femvertising Awards is simple and brief. The online form asks for contact information, campaign assets and 200 words or less describing the campaign’s success. Brands and agencies can submit their ad campaigns for consideration using the online registration page’s URL or upload functionality. 

Go to www.femvertisingawards.com to enter the #Femvertising Awards today.

Q. What types of pro-female ad campaigns will be considered?

The #Femvertising Awards judges will consider:

•    Online and TV commercials
•    Online videos
•    Social media campaigns with video elements

Q. How can I change my entry?

If you want to change or update your entry before the June 15, 2018 deadline, please email Femvertising@SheKnows.com. Please provide the following information in your email:

•    Your first and last name
•    The name of your campaign
•    The date you submitted 

Q. Will non-U.S. ad campaigns be considered?

The #Femvertising Awards are global. If you wish to submit an ad campaign in a language other than English, please dub or subtitle video content and supporting assets in English.

Q. Can I withdraw my entry?

If you wish to withdraw your entry, we encourage you to do so before the Call for Entries closes on June 15, 2018. Please email Femvertising@SheKnows.com and provide the following information:

•    Your first and last name
•    The name of your campaign
•    The date you submitted 

Q. Where can I get more information about the #Femvertising Awards terms and conditions?

Click here to read the terms and conditions outlined in the Submission Guidelines.

The Judging Process

Q. How many rounds of review will the #Femvertising Awards entries go through?

There are three main rounds of review in the #Femvertising Awards selection process:

•    Round 1: This initial review period takes place once the #Femvertising Awards closes. SHE Media editors and Executive Team members will evaluate all entries and determine which ad campaigns move into the second round of review. 

•    Round 2: An influential and diverse panel of judges will conduct the second round of review in the #Femvertising Awards selection process using the same guidelines found in the “Are there award categories?” question above. Ultimately, the panel determines which campaigns are this year’s #Femvertising Awards finalists. Learn more about the panel in The Judges section.

•    Round 3: Once the finalists are announced publicly, the #Femvertising Awards opens to the public to choose the winners. The winning campaigns, determined by popular vote, will be revealed at the #BlogHer18 Creators Summit August 8, 2018 in New York City.

Q. How does SHE Media determine if a campaign qualifies for this awards program?

During the initial round of review, SHE Media will qualify campaigns to move into the second round of review if they represent women authentically – both visually and through messaging. That means avoiding campaigns that propagate gender stereotypes (i.e., the got-it-all-together mother and bumbling dad), as well as ads that depict women in an unrealistic light or promote unattainable beauty standards (i.e., featuring overly stylized models instead of women of all shapes, sizes and races). The judges will also be on the lookout for campaigns that encourage girls to have a positive body image and to pursue their goals.

Q. Beyond SHE Media associates, who are the 2018 #Femvertising Awards judges?

In addition to SHE Media editors and members of its Executive Team, the company is tapping into the following panel of judges to help determine this year’s #Femvertising Awards finalists:

  • Angela Chambliss, Director, Influencer Marketing, Best Buy

  • Barri Friedman Rafferty, Partner, CEO and President of Ketchum

  • Claudia Chan, CEO of S.H.E. Summit and S.H.E. GLOBL Media, author of This is How We Rise

  • Lynn Branigan, President and CEO of She Runs It

  • Madeline Di Nonno, CEO of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

  • Sarah Spain, ESPN radio host, writer & tv personality

  • Sharmi Albrechtsen, Founder of SmartGurlz

  • Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient and Founder of The Girls’ Lounge

  • Solange Claudio, President of Moxie and MRY

  • Tricia Clarke-Stone, Co-Founder and CEO of WP Narrative

Q. How were the judges selected?

Each one of the judges on SHE Media’s premier #Femvertising Awards panel were selected because of their experience in marketing and media and ongoing efforts to shine light on issues impacting women and girls. 

Q. How does the judging process work?

As entries move through the review process, all #Femvertising Awards judges will have access to the same materials to determine whether a campaign moves into the finalist round. For example, if an entry’s assets include a link and PDF, every judge that reviews the campaign will receive those same materials for evaluation. 

Q. Can I find out how the judges rate my ad campaign(s)?

We will not divulge how the #Femvertising Awards judges rate individual entries. 

Finalist Information

Q. Will I be notified if I make it into the finalist round?

All finalists will be notified immediately prior to the public announcement via press release and on SheKnows.com on July 15, 2018

Q. Will I be notified if my entry is not selected to be a finalist? 

Entries that are not selected to move forward into the finalist round will be notified immediately prior to the public announcement on July 15, 2018

Q. What happens if my entry is selected to be a finalist?

Because the #Femvertising Awards winners will ultimately be chosen by the public via popular vote, finalists are encouraged to mobilize their networks to vote for their favorite campaign(s). SHE Media will open the online voting site on July 16, 2018. Ideas on how to mobilize your network AFTER that date include issuing a press release, emailing your contacts and posting to social media. 

If you choose to issue a press release, please provide the draft to SHE Media’s Jenni Ottum at Jennifer.Ottum@SheKnows.com for review prior to distributing. 

Q. Can people vote more than once?

Individuals may vote for their favorite pro-female ad campaigns once per day starting July 16, 2018. The poll will close on July 20, 2018

Q. Can I find out how many votes my entry received?

SHE Media will not reveal how many votes each campaign received at any point during the competition. 

Winning an Award

Q. How are award winners notified?

Winners of the #Femvertising Awards will be revealed on August 8, 2018 The winning entries will be notified a prior to the event.

Q. What do I get if my entry wins?

All winners will be given a badge to place on their website. The winning campaigns will also be featured in articles on SheKnows.com, BlogHer.com and SHE Media’s corporate site, as well as promoted across the company’s social channels.

In addition, we will offer winners of the #Femvertising Awards an opportunity to collaborate with SK Studios on the creation of a branded content piece featuring the brand. SHE Media will cover all costs of producing the piece. 

Contact Us

Do you have questions that were unanswered in this #Femvertising Awards FAQ? If so, please email Femvertising@SheKnows.com

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